Baggy Buddy

Easy Carry Grocery Shopping Bags Handles


Simply the most efficient plastic bags carry handle available

* A SINGLE Baggy Buddy Shopping Bags Handle will allow you to
 comfortably consolidate, carry, and manage up to 60 pounds of supermarket and department store shopping bags WHILE
 keeping a hand free to open doors, carry your keys, care for your children, or use your cell phone.

* All your bags will stay together and upright in your car AND AT YOUR DOOR. Your groceries will never spill out again.

  * When you get home, you can quickly grab all your groceries with just one handle AND get THEM all to your door with just one trip.

  * With two Baggy Buddy's you can easily get more groceries home TO YOUR KITCHEN with fewer trips to the supermarket. now you can Save gas guzzling, TIME CONSUMING TRIPS and easily handle larger, FAMILY SIZE, MONEY SAVING bulk packages.


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